Systemax Industrial Services Inc. Data Analyst - Marketing in Port Washington, New York

Collect marketing data through methods including website data crawling, API, SQL database; prepare and create reports, dashboards, heatmaps, and customize BI visuals to show marketing findings and insight; analyze traffic and advertising spending data to optimize profitability, improve advertising strategies and identify new opportunities; identify seasonal trends based upon online traffic, geographic information, weather data; build statistical models and apply machine learning to get customer segmentation based on demographics, preferences, industrial class through decision tree, association rules, K-Means model, and hierarchical model; process data and develop rules to improve the internal CRM system and business management; predict sales by conducting lifetime value models and time series analysis; assess customer preference based on purchase behavior and browsing history using neural network, association rules, correlation analysis; conduct meetings and presentations to report analysis and marketing insights; use Python, R, Dax, VB, SQL, Regex, CLEM, Excel; perform and use Statistical and Machine Learning Models including Decision Tree, Neural network, Regression model, KNN model, K-means Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering, Association Rules, Lifetime Value models, ANOVA, ARIMA, Text Analysis, Web Analysis, Correlation Analysis; use Power Bi, IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM Cognos, Apache Spark, R-Studio, Spyder IDE, SQL Developer, IBM DB2, Toad for Oracle, Tableau.

Master’s degree in Business Analytics required.

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