Air Techniques, Inc. Intern - SW/Electrical Engineering in Melville, New York

Founded in 1962, Air Techniques, Inc. set out to manufacture first-rate products for the dental industry. 50 years later, Air Techniques has grown from a small company into a successful corporation. At our New York headquarters, we design and build two main groups of products: utility room and digital imaging products. Our products are manufactured in a vertically integrated factory where compliance with the Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices is paired with stringent Quality Standards. In-house engineering staff designs our products for the dental market. We are proud to maintain the ISO-9001 registration certification which reinforces our pledge to quality and customer satisfaction. At Air Techniques, we have earned our reputation in the dental industry through our commitment to quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. We are proud that Air Techniques represents superior quality to dealers and dentists worldwide.

  • Responsible for product validation testing
  • Product specification verification
  • Product performance testing
  • Develop Instructions and assist with training


  • Undergraduate, or graduate, Computer Engineering or Computer Science student with self-starting nature
  • Ability to test software (drivers, interface software, demonstration programs, diagnostic tools, utilities, and installation programs) that we develop in-house and provide with the imaging hardware we manufacture on various versions of the Windows operating system
  • Ability to develop or update installation and trouble-shooting instructions for our software and hardware
  • Ability to test the integration and interoperability of our hardware with various third-party off-the-shelf dental image acquisition applications
  • Ability to document the procedures needed to configure those off-the-shelf applications to work properly with our software and hardware
  • Ability to provide training to our in-house customer service team on the trouble-shooting and configuration process
  • Ability to support our in-house customer service team in trouble-shooting software, hardware and integration problems.
  • Currently enrolled in school in an Engineering Program

Location: Headquarters - Melville, NY

Department: Eng - Digital